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ASE FPM 35 is a machine equipped by a rotor-stator system designed especially for mixing, pumping and spraying fireproofing materials.

With its special mixing pallets, the material is thoroughly mixed in the mixer in the needed time.

With the frequency converter, the pumping capacity can be adjusted in any rate any time according to the application requirement.

With the guns specially designed for fireproofing spraying applications, the air flow needed for spraying can be adjusted. Moreover, when needed, the spraying gun can be equipped with a chemical additive inlet.

Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Pumping capacity:*0-35 l/min
  • With various pump:*0-70 l/min
  • Pumping pressure:*40 bar
  • Conveying distance:*120 m
  • Conveying height:*50 m
  • Drive:400 V, 50 Hz
  • Pumping motor:7,50 kW
  • Mixer motor:3,0 kW
  • Compressor capacity:2,2 kW, 350 l/min
  • Remote control:Pneumatic
  • Power cable:5x4 mm2
  • Output coupling:2”
  • Conveying hose:Ø 35 mm
  • Loading height:1330 mm
  • Mixer capacity:170 l
  • Length:2970 mm
  • Width:1360 mm
  • Height:1400 mm
  • Total weight:750 kg
  • * Depending on motor speed, mortar quality, composition and consistency, pump type and condition, diameter of the conveying hose, conveying height.

Area of Application

  • For all vermiculite-based, cement-based or any dry pre-mixed fireproofing materials, such as:
  • Spraying onto steel construction,
  • Petrochemical plants,
  • Shelter wall facing,
  • Warehouse wall facing,
  • Car park protection,
  • ... and many other applications for spraying fireproofing material are possible.

Standard Equipment

  • Pump unit 2 L 6
  • Mortar hose Ø 35 mm, 13,3 m with hydraulically fitted couplings, 3 units
  • 41 m Ø 10 mm air hose with GEKA-couplings
  • Reducing coupling 50/35 mm
  • Integrated mortar pressure gauge 0-60 bar
  • Spray gun Ø 35 mm, nozzle 18 mm
  • Fireproofing spray gun Ø 35 mm, nozzle 12 mm
  • Air compressor 350 l/min 8 bar
  • Power cable 5x4 mm2 25 m
  • Cleaning sponge ball 50 mm
  • Round file
  • Shifting spanner
  • 6/125 screwdriver

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