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GRC 200 FC
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GRC 200 FC

ASE GRC 200 FC is a machine designed for pumping alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforced concrete mortars. It has technical properties to respond to every need for precast spraying applications.

It is mounted on a robust body. Thanks to its strong wheels, it can be easily moved in the operation site. With the boom connected to this body, mortar hoses and fibreglass can be easily moved during spraying, which facilitates the use of the spraying gun.  

Since the pump system used in the machines is a progressive screw pump, the mortar can be conveyed in a more homogenous state and without any aggregation. This property of it makes the machine superior than those operated by a peristaltic pump system. 

Thanks to its frequency converter, the pumping capacity can be adjusted in any rate any time according to the material requirement and the type of the application. 

The sieve with vibrator enables the material to be applied in the specified standards. 

On the control panel, all the necessary functions are designed for easier use. With a pneumatic control, the spraying gun can turn the pump on and off. Precise air controls can be set separately for each function and each has a separate manometer.  

Technical Details

GRC 200 FC

  • Conveying capacity*: 0-16 l/min
  • With various pump*: 0-55 l/min
  • Conveying pressure*: 30 bar
  • Air requirement: 1800 l/min, 8 bar
  • Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Pumping motor: 5,50 kW
  • Fuse protection: 3x32 A
  • Remote control: Pneumatic
  • Conveying hose: Ø 25 mm
  • Hopper content: 80 l
  • Filling height: 835 mm
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 1570/970 /2750 mm
  • Total weight: 400 kg

* Depending on motor speed, mortar quality, composition and consistency, pump type and condition, the diameter of the conveying hose.

Area of Application

  • For all pumpable glass fibre reinforced concrete mortars, such as:
  • Precast concrete
  • With the concentric fibre gun, mixing the mortar-concrete in the gun and spraying
  • Pumping the premixed fibre mixed with concrete
  • With twin head guns, high-flow spraying
  • Low-flow decorative mould casting
  • ... and many more

Standard Equipment

  • Pumping unit D 4-2
  • Geared motor 5,50 kW
  • Control unit with frequency convertor
  • Special concentric spray gun
  • Sieve with vibrator
  • Mortar hose 10 m
  • Air hoses 8 mm 11 m
  • Glass fibre tray
  • Extension boom
  • Power cable 5x4 mm2 15 m

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