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ASE GP 50 M is a portable, mobile, hand operated, positive displacement pulsating piston pump. Its lightweight skid mounted design provides a perfect performance in small-scaled works. The 11 liter material holding hopper is connected directly to the suction of the pump for a continuous pumping operation.

ASE GP 50 M disassembles without any tools for a fast and efficient cleaning.

The pump comes complete and ready to use with a grout hose and a set of spare piston cups.

Technical Details

  • Pumping capacity: 7-10 l/min.
  • Pumping pressure*: max. 10 bars
  • Pumping distance*: 10 m
  • Operation: Manual
  • Pumping unit: ø 25 mm 10 m
  • Bunker capacity: 11 l
  • Dimensions: (L/W/H)1700/350/670 mm
  • Total weight: 72 kg

* Mortar hose diameter, delivery distance, mixing density, piston length, air mixture properties may vary. Maximum grout pumping, line pressure and pumping distance cannot be achieved simultaneously

Area of Application

  • Marine/underwater
  •  Door/window frames
  •  Piling encasements
  •  Rock bolting/soil anchors
  • Hollow metal filling
  •  Precast tunnel joints
  •  Machine base grouting
  •  Void filling
  •  Waterproofing
  • Slab raising
  •  Pipe jacking slurry
  •  Mining grout applications
  • ... and many more

Standard Equipment

  • Kızak şase
  • Harç hortumu
  • Harç hortum kaplinleri
  • Grout nozulları
  • Piston çekvalf topları
  • Temizleme topları

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