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ASE VP 15 3D

These are economic and highly efficient screw pumps enabling pumping and spraying applications after mixing pumpable mortars to be prepared in classic method with sand, cement, and lime (or chemical additives). With this superior performance and multi-purpose pumps, it is possible to apply any cement-based dry pre-mixed materials or wet mortars prepared in the plant. TMK are electric models with a tilt mixer.

Technical Details

ASE VP 15 3D

  • Net cutting area : 600x600mm
  • Bench external dimension : 1000x1000mm
  • Z-AXIS height;: 180mm (Can be increased optionally)
  • Idle movement speed;:4 Meter/Minute
  • Program Sensitivity;: 0.0001mm
  • Body Detail:Steel sheet bridge design.
    Responsive design with laser cut and snap-on structure. Due to its special structure, it works without vibration (it does not break the tip, does not remove the surface badly).
    The screed structure allows water to flow accurately over it, allowing “Wet Cuts”.
  • Table detail : lotted Metal Table
  • Control system: Connection via USB port on PC / Computer ( WIN10 / WINDOWS 10 compatible )
  • Interface detai l:Mach3 / Turkish interface
  • Security detail :Inductive limit switch (Sensitive) Emergency Stop Button on each axis 
  • Axis motors detail:Nema23, 2.2Nm Stepper Motor (Nema34 in Performance Package, 4.5Nm) in all axes
  • Motion system detail:Ball screw without backlash in all axes (BK, FK Series Professional End Bearings in Precision Package)
  • Sled : Shaft of 25 in Y axis with 4 slides with lower support, in X and Z axes of 20 with 4 slides with sub-supported shafts

Extra Features

  • Stylish and practical design with oven paint;
  • Dust protection design.
  • Unbreakable Cable External test panel;
  • Comfortable fastening sockets to the clipboard.
  • Starting from where it left off as any error with the help of reference switches.
  • All axes can move independently of each other (Simultaneous movement)Adjustable Suction Cup Feet;
  • Piecefastening lugs gifted;
  • 1 Piecepliers and clamping nut gift;
  • 1 PieceCutter Blade Gift

Area of Application

  • Tunnels

  •  Little hills

  •  Brae fixing

  •  Swimming pools

  •  Water parks

  • Fountains

  •  Thermal springs

  •  Water decorations

  •  Rock cracks

  • Artificial rock

  • Artificial waterfall

  •  Curtain wall

  •  Panel building systems

  •  Fibre reinforced concrete spray

  • ... and many more

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