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Mortar Mixers
Mortar Mixers


ASE MIX 35 is produced for the mixture of special materials such as refractory, knitting, filling, i...

Mortar Mixers


ASE SHM 25 is a multi-purpose, small-sized, modular, easy to carry, horizontal continuous mortar mix...


Mortar Mixer

Mortar mixer is used in many fields. It is generally used in the construction industry for mixing mortar and plaster. It provides mixing of many different materials in construction. Since it is produced using quality materials, it allows the mixing process to be performed in a short time. Thus, a quality service is provided at low costs.

They are types of portable construction machines that bring materials such as cement, sand or gravel together by mixing Decently. It is used for many different materials. It is more practical and advantageous to use machines, especially in operations that are difficult to do manually.

What is Mortar Mixer?

Mortar mixer is used for mixing many construction materials. It usually allows a higher quality plaster to be applied to construction structures. Thus, it is used to distribute the plastering process to be performed before the painting process in a smoother and more balanced way. The mixer allows materials such as cement, mortar to be mixed and become more homogeneous.

It is manufactured using quality materials. It is manufactured as durable and long-lasting. As long as the instructions for use are followed, no technical problems will occur for a long time.In such cases, the after-sales support service comes into play. This makes it easy in every way.

Mortar Mixer Models and Types

The mortar mixer consists of many models. Usually, there are different models and designs according to their sizes and materials used. They are divided according to their colors, shapes and sizes. These machines used in construction are used for many different purposes.

Larger ones or smaller ones can be used in different structures. Different mixers can be used for each structure. That is why many models have been developed. With the development of technology, mortar mixer models also differ. The characteristics of each machine may be different. The design and dimensions are also different in each model.

Mortar Mixer Suitable for Different Purposes

Mortar mixers can be used for many purposes. According to different purposes, it is usually used for mixing cement and mortar. It is one of the most used machines in the construction industry. Mixing the mortar and making it homogeneous is a rather difficult process. It is both tiring and a very time-consuming process for people to do this.

Thanks to these machines, the mixing process is carried out quickly with low costs. Thanks to its construction in a short time, it is very important for the construction structures to be made more robust and completed in a short time. Thanks to this, plastering operations in constructions are performed much smoother before painting.

Mortar Mixer for Your Needs

You can check out the mortar mixer machines from our website for your needs. These machines are very important for construction companies. One of the most used materials in construction is mortar mixer machines. It consists of metals and durable materials. Thus, it has become a quality building material.

The mixer that is suitable according to the models and designs can be ordered by selecting. Installation and installation processes are also covered by our company. Installation and assembly are carried out in a short time. A quality service concept is offered.

Mortar Mixer Features

  • It provides mixing of materials such as cement, mortar in a short time.
  • It saves in terms of time.
  • He's tough. Can be used for long years.
  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials.
  • It can be used in many different sectors, especially in the construction sector.

Mortar mixed is a specific machine used for mixing purposes. It is manufactured using metal materials. Thus, it can be used for many years. Installation and installation are also simple, as it does not take up too much space. In addition, the operating instructions of the machine must be followed.

Usage Areas of ASE Mortar Mixer

ASE machines are the priority choice of many construction companies. He works with a professional staff in his business. We pay attention to the quality of both sales and after-sales service. Ase machines are machines produced with knowledge, experience and experience. Because it is produced using quality materials, you can use it for many years. In addition, durable machines are produced. The materials used are usually metal materials. Thus, it is not easily broken, it is not sensitive. As long as the instructions for use are followed, no problems will occur .


What are the types of mortar mixers?

There are two main types of mortar mixers: drum mixers and paddle mixers. Drum mixers have a rotating drum that mixes the materials, while paddle mixers have paddles that mix the materials. 

Drum mixers come in two variations: vertical and horizontal. Vertical drum mixers stand vertically and are loaded from the top, while horizontal drum mixers are loaded from the side. Paddle mixers come in various sizes and shapes, including single and double paddle models.

What are the advantages of using a mortar mixer

Using a mortar mixer can provide several benefits, including increased efficiency, improved quality, and reduced labor costs. Mortar mixers can save time and effort by efficiently mixing materials in large quantities, which is especially useful in large-scale construction projects. Using a mortar mixer can also ensure that the materials are mixed evenly, resulting in a consistent and high-quality mix.

Mortar mixers can also reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for manual mixing, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Additionally, using a mortar mixer can reduce the amount of waste produced by ensuring that the materials are mixed precisely, resulting in less material being discarded.

What are the safety precautions when using a mortar mixer?

Like any other construction equipment, using a mortar mixer requires following certain safety precautions to avoid accidents and injuries. Operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, safety glasses, and dust masks, to protect themselves from hazardous materials and debris.

Ase harç karıştırıcısı seçerken, ihtiyacınız olan kapasite, güç, boyut ve kullanım kolaylığı gibi faktörleri göz önünde bulundurmalısınız.

Ase harç karıştırıcıları, genellikle elektrikli motorlar veya benzinli motorlar tarafından çalıştırılır. Karıştırıcının içine harç veya beton gibi malzemeler eklenir ve ardından motor çalıştırılır. Motorun çalışması, karıştırıcının içindeki çubukların dönmesine ve malzemelerin homojen bir şekilde karışmasına neden olur.

Harç Karıştırıcıları, genellikle harç, beton, sıva, alçı ve diğer yapı malzemeleriyle kullanılır. Bu cihazlar, bu malzemeleri kolayca karıştırabilir ve daha homojen bir karışım oluşur .